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And Why You Should Be Defining Manliness Yourself

I can afford to, therefore it is my right to

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Why thank you, unnamed airline, for correcting my clearly nonsensical understanding of the term ‘vegetarian’.

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Wait… what? What did you just say to me?

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Writer and actress Alison Tafel could quite literally be a life saver

Bojack Horseman’s Secretariat

An open letter about gender equality inspired by Mary Cain

Zuckerberg was right: he doesn’t deserve me (and I’d argue you either)

Source: The Irish Times

How depression stood in the way of my achievements

We Are Losing Sight Of Scrum! Why? How?

Che Fisher

Ethics driven planet, people, and tech advocate grounded by a fundamental belief that all of these things can (and should) be made to work hand in hand.

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