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And Why You Should Be Defining Manliness Yourself

Stop and think for a second: why does “manhood” even matter?

In this day and age how— when the struggle for equality among people, no matter their gender, race, religion, nationality, or “insert value system here” — is the question of manliness even remotely relevant?

Manliness, or manhood, or “being a man” is now more than ever an idea worth investigating despite it’s apparent posturing.

In the last 7 years, self-help books (and by immediate proxy questions of identity and meaning) have boomed and become, in this humble writer’s opinion, an unfortunate bi-product of clicktivism and virtue signalling as opposed…

I can afford to, therefore it is my right to

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There are many interesting and valid observations of this oft scorned and at times celebrated thing called capitalism.

Of course what capitalism means to someone living in Venezuela; a country still in the grips of hyperinflation, is probably very different to that of a person living in Singapore; the country that boasts the world’s freest economy according to the Heritage 2020 Index of Economic Freedom.

Capitalism’s proponents are quick to point out such quality of life upgrades like how the median household income in the United States by 2017 had risen 50.1 percent from the 1967–1970 average.

Its opponents might…

Why thank you, unnamed airline, for correcting my clearly nonsensical understanding of the term ‘vegetarian’.

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I get it. I really do — I mean you’re also on this same flight inundated with the same questions and the same complaints over 12 glorious hours of snoring, crying, farting, and downright haven’t-had-a-smoke-in-over-4-hours-bitchiness and it sucks for you too.

But it's two thousand and twenty people, so how the duck is eating vegetarian still something I have to opt into on long haul flights?

Oh I’m sorry did I say on the long haul flight? My mistake! By on I mean well before your scheduled flight and if you don’t do it for any number of valid reasons…

Wait… what? What did you just say to me?

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ONE has a rare audience if met with silence at the suggestion that a person can merely cheat. The very phrase is out of order — a villainous combination of words that try to subtly pervert the fact of their being; they are an oxymoron.

After all, the only thing more scandalous than cheating is any attempt to facilitate it.

I suppose that the purpose of this introduction is to show you that I am aware of this dual truth. …

Writer and actress Alison Tafel could quite literally be a life saver

Bojack Horseman’s Secretariat

I could rant and rave for many hours about the masterpiece that is Netflix’s series Bojack Horseman, but the show is getting what I would argue is an epic and totally justified amount of exposure and praise at the moment.

This show unapologetically revels in the ludicrous-yet-funny, tragic, and at times brilliant introspection of a deeply flawed anti-hero (Bojack) living in a highly satirised and (in the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti) “…profoundly sick society” (Hollywoo).

Yes, it’s brilliant, and yes, you should watch it — even if you hate cartoons — but for now I wanted to point out this…

An open letter about gender equality inspired by Mary Cain

Dear Mary Cain,

I just read the NYT op-ed about the awful experiences you had to go through. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out against a brutal and abusive system that did you no favours. It’s abhorrent, and entirely (as well as empirically) irrational for Nike, or any coach, or any medically trained professional worth their salt to not acknowledge the massive gender gap in medical clinical trials.

The fact that Nike did not provide a sports psychologist or an experienced nutritionist as part of your training regime demonstrates a negligence that is quite frankly frightening. This…

Zuckerberg was right: he doesn’t deserve me (and I’d argue you either)

Source: The Irish Times

What you are about to read is the last and final thing I will ever contribute to a service that has done next to nothing good for me over the last 10 years and one that I surely won’t miss.

Today I requested my Facebook account be deleted and left this one final post — the one post to rule them all — because I simply couldn’t stomach my own complacency in using a product from a company so very maligned with so many values I believe are worth protecting. Values worth fighting for.

Oh fine, yes it also gives…

In Praise of Idleness is a classic essay made all the more relevant by the rise of automation and technological unemployment.

You can read it for free right here (approx 25–30 min read time) and it’s absolutely worth the half hour or more it might take you to get through it.

Although first published in 1932 the message has proved evergreen (“universally or continually relevant”) due to the the jobs we are — or are very nearly — automating away, which in this developer’s humble opinion we absolutely should: why force humans to complete tasks that a machine can do…

How depression stood in the way of my achievements

So today I’m going to be one of “those people”. You know the ones: those over-sharers! who never post under 1000 characters on Facebook because it doubles as a public journal which they want everyone to read.

This actually started off as a long Facebook post about my depression but I realised halfway through it might be better as a blog post and that Medium is definitely a better medium (da dom tsch).

Disclaimer: you might (read will) encounter colourful language ahead. This is a very personal post and as it was originally written with a specific audience in mind…

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance — Confucius

TLDR: We need to do away with the idea that we are all already experts in Scrum, which does nothing to help us achieve our essential goal: to create and deliver working software in a happy workplace.

We Are Losing Sight Of Scrum! Why? How?

A framework, or idea, carries meaning not only based on its application in the tangible world but also through a shared understanding of what the idea signifies. That is, we cannot hope to understand each other if when I say “scrum” you think “buffalo”.

Without a shared understanding of what ideas…

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Ethics driven planet, people, and tech advocate grounded by a fundamental belief that all of these things can (and should) be made to work hand in hand.

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